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Aside from direct hire processing, we also provide full agency service where we arrange interview between the employer and the applicant. Once you’ve already decided who among them you’d like to hire, what we will do next is take care of all the necessary processing that will bring the domestic helper of your choice to you.

We provide domestic helpers

We are a Hong Kong based Domestic Helpers agency that provide professional helpers strictly screened to meet your precise needs of your family requirements of a reliable domestic helper.
We are reachable for inquiries both through a visit or by phone . We would welcome you to visit us on our work hours from 10 am to 7 pm everyday, or we can also reach you at your place.


G/F Shop 13 A, 72 Tai Tong Rd. Yuen Long, New Territories, Hong Kong. See the Map.

Phone: 2944 0869
SMS: 9231 5221
Fax: 8184 4399

What can you expect from our service?

Merci Supplies and Services was established in 1996 and officialy recognized by the 'Hong Kong Menpower Suppliers Association' and have been helping thousands of Hong Kong families with quality helpers.

Our helpers undergo some professional trainings in Indonesia for the maids to learn about the cuisine, culture, language and the life-style of Hong Kong people.


Every selected maid will receive an intensive training subject to employer's requirement. Upon arrival, they will enter an examination in our training centre again, our contract follow-up service would assure both the employer and the maid are satisfied.